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An Intuitive Touch​

Hypnosis- Intuitive Counseling- Reiki -EMDR  trained​​

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Inspiring You to 


Best Self.

I don't know about you, but I love when I stumble upon an experience when I feel like someone or something "gets me". It is like a feeling of coming home, and if you're here visiting my site, it's likely that you have felt disconnected, unsupported, confused, and "not got". Well, I welcome you to An Intuitive Touch! It is with great enthusiasm that I support you in the ways that perhaps other modalities of talk therapy have not been supportive or just aren't meeting your current needs.

I have found that with many of life's changes, things that used to work for me don't necessarily work for me now, and this is a continuous cycle as I am sure it is for you. Know that in my practice, I feature an intuitive skill set utilizing a combination of hypnotherapy, intuitive counseling, and psychotherapy techniques that supports various needs from a perspective of spirit and truth......your truth and all of the love of the universe.

It is my hope that you find my approach to be fitting to whatever it is you are currently exploring and/or needing healing from. I look forward to hearing from you and while I do not claim to be the best fit for everyone, I trust that if it be so willed, I will be the best fit for you! 

Thank you for being here!!


Rebuild Your Mental and Spiritual Strength

Life is a journey, and one need not go through it alone. Welcome to the official website of An Intuitive Touch. As a licensed therapist, I am here to provide my clients with intuitive counseling support in San Diego, California and beyond. Learn more about my healing techniques when you get in touch.

My Mission

Helping you to realize the power of your internal strength so that you fearlessly give the world the gift of you.

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