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An Intuitive Touch​

Hypnosis- Intuitive Counseling- Reiki -EMDR  trained​​

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Establishing An Intuitive Touch

I started my business in 2018 because I believed there is a more efficient way to facilitate mental healing beyond using traditional psychotherapy alone. For some time, I found it to be quite challenging to train fellow therapists because of how restricted the methods of traditional therapy seemed to be.

Later in my career, I discovered alternative forms of healing by the way of intuition and spiritual coaching. A whole door of possibilities opened up for me, my fellow practitioners, and our patients seeking help. It was this culmination of therapeutic techniques that led me to start An Intuitive Touch for the benefit of the people in San Diego, California and beyond.

Healing is something I truly feel everyone has the ability to do on their own no matter the circumstance. We are ultimately responsible for our own healing, including seeking guidance when we need it. When we welcome new opportunities, we open ourselves to a kind of growth and betterment we never could have imagined. 

Dr. Charla J Afoa, EdD,  LMFT, CHt

Reiki Healing, EMDR trained

For more than a decade, I have held various positions as a practicing counselor in the field of therapy. I’ve had the privilege of helping children, teens, adults, and seniors work through a range of mental health conditions. From mood disorders to severe psychosis, my methods have shown to be highly effective and unique.

I also take pride in being a trainer that guides other therapists to be the best clinicians they can be. In training sessions, my focus is on ensuring that every practitioner is emotionally healthy to treat their clients.

An Intuitive Touch integrates psychotherapeutic techniques and spiritual healing practices. This gives my clients as many options as possible when it comes to finding the right method of therapy for them. My goal is to guide you through a process of growth and self-discovery that allows you to find a sense of peace within yourself and in the world around you.

None of these would be possible without the love of my family, whom I adore and appreciate beyond words. In my free time, I like to take walks by the shore and breathe in the positive energy of the ocean to keep myself grounded. Other activities that I enjoy include dancing, singing, traveling, and reading inspiring books that challenge me to be better.

I hold a Doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology, a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, EMDR Trainee, and certificates as a Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master

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